The public sector, private sector, and civil society organizations are the key institutions that can work together to propel sustainable development for every nation. It is the strength of these institutions and organizations within the country that reflects its economic wellbeing and to a large extent, its global competitiveness. The private sector is now recognized as a critical driver of economic growth, which contributes significantly to employment generation and increased income for the people. The private sector cannot be relegated to the background when it comes to sustainable economic growth, employment and income generation.

Started in 2012, the Ghana Economic Forum is a private sector led initiative and platform created by Business & Financial Times to bring together captains of industry and thought leaders to discuss and debate key issues affecting the Ghanaian economy and offer solutions to help overcome the challenges in order to enhance the achievement of the country’s economic development plans. The event aims at bringing up new thinking and policy alternatives to help shape the country’s agenda for economic growth.

The Ghana Economic Forum was created as a revered platform that will bring together key stakeholders to deliberate on economic development issues in a non-partisan manner.  The event which is held annually brings together leading think tanks, media gurus and thought leaders in civil society. The outcome of the forums enjoy extensive publicity in the Business and Financial Times newspaper, Business Times Magazine and in other local and international platforms. Recommendations from the Forum are also annually distributed to key stakeholders for possible policy adoption.

As a result of the in-depth discussions and outcomes that characterized previous editions of the Ghana Economic Forum, a call has been made by leading industry players to ensure the adoption of the recommendations made at the Forum. Having set a five year agenda under the theme: “A Ghanaian Owned-Economy: Setting the Agenda for achieving it”, organizers are going a step further this year by organizing an Economic Forum Excellence awards to help promote this five year agenda of a Ghanaian owned economy through awarding and encouraging individuals and organizations who have done exceptionally well in advancing the Ghanaian economy.

The Ghana Economic Forum Excellence Awards will be held annually and audited by pwc, the GEF Excellence Awards partners.


The awards recognise individuals and businesses across all sectors who have achieved in the following categories:

  • Business of the Year
  • Businesswoman of the Year
  • Businessman of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Business with a Conscience
  • Business Pioneer Award
  • Best Public Sector Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

GEF will identify 5 nominated people or businesses in each category

The 5 nominees would then be presented to the public across various media and social media platforms for voting on the winner.

The awards will be presented on day 2 of the Ghana Economic Forum


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  • PwC Ghana